Thursday, August 27, 2009

CAFE ROYAL COCKTAIL BOOK Tarling 1937 (to swap/exchange)

W.J. Tarling
Very scarce Original Coronation Edition 1937
Illustrated by Frederick Carter.

Published by Pall Mall Ltd. London.
Printed by The Sidney Press Ltd. London and Bedford.
Very very scarce!

'Dr. Cocktail' Ted Haigh wrote in his 1998 (!) blog post "Doc’s Top Ten Bar Books of the 20th Century": "I apologize, but you will never find this book. If you do, grab it -- cost be damned. It was published by the U.K.B.G. (The United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild) which achieved its fame during American Prohibition. These Brits created some of the most WONDERFUL cocktails to grace the human palate in those years (...) .... superbly!"


PS. I have another copy listed in my "swap/exchange" list (not a reprint.)

PS: Do you have an original for sale? Please contact me...

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