Thursday, August 27, 2009

CAFE ROYAL COCKTAIL BOOK Tarling 1937 (to swap/exchange)

W.J. Tarling
Very scarce Original Coronation Edition 1937
Illustrated by Frederick Carter.

Published by Pall Mall Ltd. London.
Printed by The Sidney Press Ltd. London and Bedford.
Very very scarce!

'Dr. Cocktail' Ted Haigh wrote in his 1998 (!) blog post "Doc’s Top Ten Bar Books of the 20th Century": "I apologize, but you will never find this book. If you do, grab it -- cost be damned. It was published by the U.K.B.G. (The United Kingdom Bartenders’ Guild) which achieved its fame during American Prohibition. These Brits created some of the most WONDERFUL cocktails to grace the human palate in those years (...) .... superbly!"


PS. I have another copy listed in my "swap/exchange" list (not a reprint.)

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Written by "a Mixer" and Patrick W. Guinee.
A scarce, very old American Drinks & Cocktail Bartender's Book.
1933, First Edition, JARMOR PUBLISHING CO. New York.

Hardbound Cover, 192 pages.
Very good condition for it's age. No spottings, no markings, very clean interior.



The Exquisite Book of American Drinks.
Written by Barkeeper O. Blunier, in 3 languages (English, Francais, Deutsch)
Published 1935 by Morgarten Verlag Zurich. 276 pages.

A scarce, very hard to find bartender's manual.
Contains short history of Barkeeper's, Illustrates the Speakeasy during Prohibition, plus 100s of Recipes for Drinks and Cocktails.

Green covers. Gilt letter, a little dull. Silk bookmarker.
Illustrated throughout with bar utensils and items of bartending.


DRINKS OF THE WORLD 1892 James Mew John Ashton

117 years old! This ULTRA-RARE, very old book, entitled, DRINKS OF THE WORLD by JAMES MEWand JOHN ASHTON was printed back in 1892, and published by Scribner & Welford (New York) & The Leadenhall Press (London).

A rare, extremely hard to find, very old book about drinks from all around the world, including recipes, how to make them, cocktail recipes, and so much more.
Check out and make a search on for "Drink Of The Worlds", and you will find the old NEW YORK TIMES article from 1892.

The overall condition of this very old book is good+ (very good for it's age!). All pages are clean and tight. No spottings at all. Pages a bit yellowed from age. See photos for details!

Hardbound. Leather cover. 362 pages.


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DRINKS Jacques Straub - 1920

DRINKS by Jacques Straub is a very very scarce, hard to find pocket-sized cocktail book, with copyright 1914.

This edition is the edition which was published by Jacques Straub's widow after the author's dead. It has a foreword included written by Oscar of the Waldorf. Internet sources indicates that this edition was published in 1920.

The condition is very good. Leather bound hardcover.


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1800 AND ALL THAT R. de Fleury 1937

1800 And All That! was published in 1937 in London.

Mr. R. de Fleury already published a previous cocktail book in 1934, entitled "1700 Cocktails for the man behind the bar" in which he tried to compile all recipes existing up to that date. That book sold well. So he decided to publish this new book "1800 and All That". It contains 2,094 recipes of cocktails and drinks. This edition is the First Edition (actually there was only one).
It was published and printed by The St. Catherine Press in London, and printed by W.H. Smith & Son Ltd. / The Arden Press. Quote of the Author's Note from within the book: "Wherever possible I have given the name of the inventor of the drinks, and with the ancient ones, the dates of the invention."

A scarce, hard to find old cocktail book. 338 pages.
with dustjacket. The overall condition of this cocktail book is very good. The pages are clean and tight. Title is printed in golden letters on the spine. Leather bound hardcover. The dustjacket is a bit damaged.


L'ART DU SHAKER Dominique Migliorero 1925 (SOLD)

L'Art Du Shaker is a very scarce, old french cocktail book by Dominique Migliorero, head bartender of the New-York Bar and the Bristol Bar. Back in the 20s both bars were located in Nice (Cote d'Azur, France).

There is no copyright date, and no publishing date printed within the book, but it is signed by the author in 1925. So it has to be published 1925 or before.
It was printed by "Imp. Gastaud" in Nice, France.
It features about 300 cocktail recipes, and additionally includes some nice advertising pages from all the major brands at this time.

Leather bound hardcover. 90 pages.
Cover boards worn. Some spottings. Condition good-.

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