Saturday, July 25, 2009


P. Dagouret
Early edition

Famous French Barman's Manual from Paris.
Scarce, hard to find early edition (As far as I know the first one probably was published around 1900.)

Hardbound. 190 pages.


  1. Sir,

    I have just come up to your site and am really interested in the purchase oof this book.

    I would like to know if this is the first edition of the book? I have the 11th edition and 196 pages. There is a fifth edition which has 323 pages, do you know this one also?
    What would the cost for this book also please?

    Do you have any info at all on P.Dagouret also?

    I am really pleased to have found your site and look forward to hearing from you soon!

    My name is Dimi and you can email me at or but the first one is better.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


  2. Hello Dimi.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Are you working for Grey Goose Vodka? Looks great ;)

    I had not so much luck yet researching about the author P. Dagouret. This book edition is from 1902, and seems to be the very first, or the second edition. Most of the other editions one can find on the internet are published in the 40'/50's and 60's.

    This book initially was part of a set of 2 volumes (in french: "tome 1 + tome 2"). Volume 1 was entitled "Petite Encyclopedie du Restaurateur - Abrégé de Cuisine". Volume 2 (tome 2), which is this book, is entitled "Le Barman Universel - 600 Recettes de Boissons de Bar" (The Universal Barman - 600 Drink Recipes for the Bar).

    Anyway, I will contact you by email!
    All the Best.

  3. Hi, this is Dimi again. I remember asking for a few more detailes on the book and never heard back from you. I have been told the first edition of Le Barman Universel is a 1920 edition and not 1902. Was it a typing error from your part or you can confirm the date of the book? A very reliable source says the book became LE Barman Universel from 1921/3.
    My email is still the same if you wish to contact me.