Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rare, Old Cocktail Books

OK. Where do I start? ;)

Who am I?
Well. I am a collector of old cocktail books who lives in a small Seaside Village in Spain.

My daytime business is publishing, but my private passion is collecting very old cocktail books.

So I'm always on the hunt for more rare, old cocktail books from all around the world, and in case that I do own one edition of the same book 2 or 3 times I will offer it for sale.
That way I can invest the money again to buy other ones ...

On this new site I will write about the ones I have for sale/exchange - and how you can buy them in case you want to, and about the ones I have.
I will ship internationally to almost every place in the World.

Let's see how this new page will grow...

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