Sunday, July 5, 2009

L'ART DU SHAKER Dominique Migliorero (SOLD!)

This rare copy of Dominique Migliorero's L'ART DU SHAKER (c.1920's) was up for sale on ebay. Finally it sold to a cocktail book collector in L.A.

It's a very RARE, old french cocktail book by Dominique Migliorero, head bartender of the New-York Bar and the Bristol Bar. Back in the 20s/30s both bars were located in Nice/Cote d'Azur (France).
There is no copyright date, and no publishing date printed within the book, but it looks like published sometimes in the 1920s. It was printed by "Imp. Gastaud" in Nice, France.
It features about 300 cocktail recipes, and additionally includes some nice advertising pages from all the major brands at this time. (Leather bound hardcover. 90 pages.)


PS: Do you have one for sale? Please contact me...

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