Saturday, February 26, 2011

A list of my doubles... Looking to swap !

If you have an old pre-1938 cocktail/drinks/bartender book for sale, don't forget to drop me a note... I am always looking to buy...

Additionally, if you don't want to sell, but if you would be interested to "swap" (to exchange), these are some of my "doubles" which I might be willing to give away:

The Bartender's Guide, Jerry Thomas, 1862, $2.50 edition (tight, but spine missing)
Cafe Royal Cocktail Book, William J. Tarling, 1937 (Coronation Ed.)
Drinks as they are mixed, Paul E. Lowe, 1904 (vest pocket size)
Drinks, Jacques Straub, c1919 (copyright 1914) (vest pocket size)
ABC of Mixing Cocktails. Harry McElhone, c1927 (6th printing, w/dj)
Formulario del cocktelero, Harry McElhone (Transl. from 5th English Ed.) c1926
American-Bar, Frank Newman, 1907 (French, rebound)
Giggle Water, Charles S. Warnock, 1928
Prohibition Punches, Roxana B. Doran, 1930
Knut W. Sundin, Recept a Cocktails, 1927 (Swedish)
The Cocktail Book, Sideboard Manual for Gentlemen, 1902
Gun Club Drink Book, 1939 (1st, w/dj)
Cooling Cups and Dainty Drinks, William Terrington, 1869
Savoy Cocktail Book, Harry Craddock, 1930, US Edition
Bon Vivant's Companion or How to Mix Drinks, Jerry Thomas, 1928
An Anthology of Cocktails, 1930s
The Flowing Bowl, Edward Spencer, 1899
Tragos Magicos, Pichin (Santiago Policastro), Buenos Aires 1955 (Spanish, w/dj)
El Bar Americano en España - Pedro Chicote, 1927
Manual del Bar - Cocktails (2nd Edition), A.M.B.A., 1964 (Spanish, w/dj)
UKBG Guide to Drinks, 1953 (1st)
Der Mixologist, Seutter, c 1920s (4th + 5th edition, German)
Cocktails de Paris, RIP, 1929 (French, softcover)
Petits et Grands Verres, Nina Toye & A. H. Ader, c1929 (French, softcover)
Bottoms up.. Guide to Pleasant Drinking, Leonard Wolf, 1949
Des Herrn Munkepunkes Bowlenbuch, c.1913 (German)
Cocktails by Jimmy late of Ciro's, c1930
Punches and Cocktails, Charles (w/dj)
So red the nose, 1935 (w/dj)
Boothby's World Drinks, 1934 (softcover)
The Official Mixer's Guide, Patrick Gavin Duffy, 1934 (1st ed., 2-ring-binder)
Quiet Drinking, Virginia Elliot, 1933
How to mix drinks, Bill Edwards, 1936 (card board cover)
Good drinks, Ambrose Heath, 1939 (w/dj)
The Art of Drinking, Dexter Mason, 1930
Shaking in the 60's, Eddie Clarke, 1963
Die Getränke der Gegenwart - B. Appelhans (2nd ed.) - c1903
Practical Recipes for the Manufacture of aerated Beverages..., W.J. Bush & Co., 1925

(updated May, 28th, 2011)

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